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The Nomin pack:
sculpted for function

A simple form stemming from complex construction

The understated look of the Nomin pack defies the technical innovation that lines its form. It is one of our most complex products to date that demands an expertise in the three dimensional possibilities of our advanced AC2 fabric.

When we create products like the Nomin pack, we have to reimagine our manufacturing processes and how we do things’, explains Dan Jackson, the lead designer behind the new pack. Jackson brought his 35 years experience of designing technical bags, to the project. ’The ultimate challenge with the pack is not just the highly technical construction, but working that technicality into a design with such aesthetic purity. That’s what makes the Nomin pack an engineering conquest. That's what makes it special’.

Intuitive everyday function

Every product we create is a marriage of design, construction and materials. And the Nomin pack perfectly represents how these elements combine and interrelate to create something as functional as it is beautiful.

By taking our highly abrasion resistant AC2 fabric and putting it together with taped seam construction we have developed a unique way to sculpt the low profile shape of the bag. AC2 fabric utilizes 420-dernier nylon with a two-sided urethane coating. It’s a highly innovative material that’s bondable, exceptionally durable, lightweight and waterproof.

This combination of an extremely impressive fabric with robust seam technology is what enables the pack to withstand the demands of repeated everyday use, in all weather conditions.

The clean design of the Nomin pack is optimised with intuitive features on the inside and out. Its internal compartments are configured to employ the entirety of its internal volumes, with different access points, for enhanced functionality. And its precise handle position and hidden strap adjusters make handling the bag easy on the move.

A unique pack, from a unique process

"When we construct these products,’ says Jackson, ‘we have one chance to get it right; one false move and you start from scratch… it’s a highly engineered product with highly engineered materials.’

The pack went through numerous handmade prototypes before we solved its structural puzzle. Each iteration of a prototype enabled us to refine the pack’s outside form by reworking its internal construction.

But from there, the collaboration between design and production teams really starts. The biggest challenge is to establish a construction process and the relevant tools that ensure consistently high quality with every pack that’s produced.

It’s an intricate process that has to accommodate laminated seams, WaterTight™ zippers and precise modelling of the waterproof AC2 fabric: details that provide the kind of finesse you’d expect from fine case making with the kind of durability you demand from a performance product."